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                3. The Psychiatrist made me Schizophrenic

                4. Antipsychotics can’t Treat Paranoia in Paranoid Schizophrenia

                5. Schizophrenia stories - Psychiatrists push drugs that have side effects

                6. 6 Years of Risperdal Consta left me retarded 

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Schizophrenia Stories

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My mother’s boyfriend gradually lost use of his legs over a year, it started with him tripping often and ended with him in a wheelchair.

While his condition was deteriorating he went to different doctors to try get a diagnosis and cure.

He went to an Orthopedic Surgeon, a Physiotherapist, a Chiropractor, and a Diabetes Specialist.

They could not diagnose the cause.

None of them prescribed a general medication for legs or paralysis.

They admitted they did not know the cause and did not prescribe.  

Because there was a history of Schizophrenia in his family one of the Doctors recommended he visit a Psychiatrist.

He did not go to the Psychiatrist because people are naturally and normally resistant to Psychiatric care.

This is nothing to do with a lack of insight.  

The question I would like to pose is:

Would the psychiatrist have prescribed a general Antipsychotic if he had consulted him?

I think the Psychiatrist would have prescribed because Psychiatrists push medication and feed drug companies.

What is your opinion? - The Psychiatrist would have prescribed

Yes or No Email me your answer and Story

The next story I have is about a cousin.

She developed Post-Natal symptoms after having her first baby.

She became terrorized that she would hurt the baby and consulted a Psychiatrist.

The Psychiatrist committed her for 3 weeks and put her on Anti-Anxiety medication.

Postnatal Anxiety is a temporary condition often caused by inbalances following birth.

My cousin's child is now 16 years old and my cousin is still taking Anti-Anxiety medication.  

Do you think the Psychiatrist is keeping her medicated unnecessarily?

Yes or No Email me your answer and Story

Huge needles used in Psychiatry

There is a trend for Psychiatrists to choose to prescribe long lasting injectable medication as opposed to pills. The injectable treatment is often given by force or with assertive control.

No other modality of medicine would get away with using as huge a needle as they use in psychiatry. The needles used to deliver Moducate, Fluanxol and Risperdal Consta are among the largest needles used in medicine.

Psychiatry needs to make a change to prescribe injections that are less painful..