5 Experience with Risperdal Consta 

My Experiences and Conclusions

Before going on Risperdal Consta, I was an intelligent, analytical and strategic thinker. I passed University Mathematics and did not notice any lack in thought process. While on Risperdal Consta I became a total recluse. I did not make friends or interact with people. I slept most of the day and woke up to bath, go shopping and prepare food. I did not feel bored or unstimulated as I had very little brain capacity.  

When I had nothing to do I just lay down of the bed and fell into a deep restful sleep. I noticed I was not thinking fully or living completely on Risperdal Consta because it was called on for me to think strategically. I had to get legal intervention to win freedom from the psychiatrist who was treating me involuntary and then go onto another medication.

I am now sensitive to both Risperdal tablets and Risperdal Consta and do not think actively while on either.

I noticed while I was on Risperdal Consta that my brain was doing as little work as possible. I was either sleeping or noticing (not reacting to ) stimuli that came in. I was not thinking, analyzing or using any strategy. I was not being creative. I merely absorbed what came in, people walking past, prices in shops and did not use any critical judgement. Risperdal Consta reduced my brain to minimal thinking.

Like a muscle, my brain got used to doing minimal work and this became the norm. I have now been off Risperdal for about a year and still do not think actively. Risperdal Consta has left me retarded. I have a list of chores to do in the morning and start out and return home after doing only a few. I just did not think of them. My brain has become unfit. I observe what is going on around me uncritically and use minimum strategy or analytical thinking in my day to day living.

The Doctor that kept me involuntarily on Risperdal Consta needs to take full liability for my mental deterioration. There was no Doctor / patient cooperation in choice of medication and as he treated me involuntarily and by force, he is completely responsible for the outcome in his own capacity.

Please can psychiatrists take caution when using injectable medications and be aware that they have long term detrimental effects.

Do you think that I am entitled to a revenge attack as the treatment was involuntary?

Yes        No

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