3 The Psychiatrist made me Schizophrenic 

My Experiences and Conclusions

Psychiatrists are merging the treatment of schizophrenics and bi-polar patients and diagnosing the two as similar or interchangeable. This is because they recognize schizophrenia traits in bipolar sufferers. There is also a trend to diagnose paranoid schizophrenic patients as schizo-effective. This means that they have both bipolar and schizophrenia.


Hearing voices Schizophrenia is Commutative. This means that the syndrome moves from 1 person to another person in their vicinity. Schizophrenic voices go to a person calling for assistance and sometimes go to play with a person with a lot going on in their minds like a manic patient. The voices hear busy minds in their vicinity and are attracted to them.

Psychiatrists put Bi-Polar sufferers who are either manic or depressed in mental institutions with Schizophrenics. They spend and extended amount of time close to Schizophrenics. It is extremely common for a Bipolar patient to contract Schizophrenia while in hospital.

Psychiatrists need to realize that the diagnosis of bi-polar and schizophrenia are different, distinct and not interchangeable. They should keep bi-polar sufferers away from schizophrenics to prevent them from contracting schizophrenia which can be debilitating.

Psychiatrists should warn their patients that there is the possibility of contracting Schizophrenia when committing them to spending an extended length of time in the company of Schizophrenics.


A Psychiatrist commits a Manic patient involuntarily without warning them about the possibility of them contracting Schizophrenia. That patient becomes Schizophrenic while in hospital. As the Psychiatrist used force to commit the patient, he should take full accountability of the outcome.

Is the patient entitled to a revenge attack?

Yes     No

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