1 Schizophrenia Cures - Antipsychotics do not treat Psychosis 

My Experiences and Conclusions

Schizophrenic voices use neural pathways in the patients' brain when communicating with that person. The voices take first option in the use of brain capacity. By that I mean they use whatever brain capacity is available and take first option over the patient in the use of that capacity and neural pathway. When a voice is using a neural pathway, the patient does not have access to that neural pathway for independent thought.  

Antipsychotics reduce the capacity of the brain the process information. The only way to prevent psychosis with the use of antipsychotics is to make the patient close to braindead. This is because voices take first option in the use of brain capacity and use whatever capacity there is. Antipsychotics prescribed at current recommended doses for someone having a psychotic episode are not sufficient to stop voice control or psychosis. Antipsychotics are not antipsychotics! Ha, Ha, Ha.

Antipsychotics taken at maintenance doses have no effect at all in stopping or preventing psychosis or hearing voices in any way. This is because sufficient capacity remains to allow voices control and psychosis.

I know a psychiatrist in involuntary medicine who treats all patients as if they were liars and cheats.  The Psychiatrist is misrepresenting the truth when asserting that the medication is effective in treating schizophrenia. Psychiatrists should not tell the patients family that they are in charge and are handling the problem. Psychiatrists should be honest and state blatantly that they are unable to treat Psychosis or Schizophrenia. Stop misrepresenting the truth.

Proof that brain activity is reduced with the use of antipsychotics is not sufficient proof that schizophrenia has been treated. Drug companies are disguising the truth.

The first psychiatrist I saw prescribed Fluanxol, an injected medication and handed the script to my husband and asked him to insure I got the injections. This is typical assertive abuse.

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