2 Schizophrenia Treatment - Creative Ways To Fight Psychosis 

My Experiences and Conclusions

My current concern is the industry of Psychiatry.

Psychiatrists recieve the umbrella respectability of all other medical professionals yet I see major loopholes in their diagnosis and treatment methods specifically for schizophrenia. Psychiatrists are different to all other medical professionals in they employ coercion, manipulation and force to ensure patients take and remain medicated. This is standard practice in psychiatry. This level of manipulation to ensure schizophrenics remain medicated needs to backed up with solid evidence that the medication does in fact work and has a productive positive influence on patients.

Let’s go back in history to see how the treatment of schizophrenia began. It started with the hypothesis that insanity is due to excess in the brain. This type of thought was brought on mainly by medical exposure to manic bipolar patients, where they realized a state of excess. The hypothesis that schizophrenia is due to excess in the brain is unfounded, unproved and incorrect!

Scientists and medical professionals then learned about how the brain functions and they discovered that the brain communicated by a system of neurotransmitters attaching to neuroreceptors.  

As scientists had little knowledge about how the brain functions, and incidentally still have very little knowledge, they started by learning how to block neuroreceptors to treat disease. This was a logical start because as I stated we still have very little knowledge of how the brain functions, the diagnosis and medical cause of schizophrenia. Schizophrenics are currently treated with a class of medication called antipsychotics. Antipsychotics block neuroreceptors.

As medical professionals had no knowledge of the cause of schizophrenia they fixated on the idea that schizophrenia could be treated by blocking neuroreceptors. This is because this is all they know and understand about the brain. Lack of understanding or alternative options is not sufficient motivation to support a medical treatment regime underpinned by coercive manipulative techniques ensuring the patients remain compliant to the medication. They came up with a weak hypothesis that when schizophrenics had psychotic episodes they went through a state of excess and recommended that schizophrenics should live on antipsychotics, having their neurotransmitters blocked permanently. This induces a state of lack in the patients reducing their quality of life.

Nowhere in the world does psychiatry measure the level of neurotransmitters in a patients' brain before prescribing antipsychotics. It is not done in Psychiatry. This is because they know that they cannot prove an imbalance in neurotransmitters. How dare they, how dare they, use coercive methods to ensure medication compliance if they cannot prove the medication is rectifying and existing problem! This is simply fraud yet there is a whole industry built on the prescription and use of antipsychotics.

Psychiatrists should be honest and blatant and state that they are unable to treat Psychosis or Schizophrenia. Stop misrepresenting the truth.

Psychiatry has measured the maximum amounts that neurotransmitters can be blocked before the patient becomes severely compromised by akathisia or lethargy side effects and set recommended dosages of antipsychotics. These are not based on the dose required to heal the patient or prevent relapse. The doses are determined by the maximum they can get away with compromising the patients' health permanently, as opposed to what is required to rectify and imbalance and bring about healing. 

The simple fact is that lack of alternative options is not sufficient motivation to support a treatment regime. Antipsychotics compromise a patient's health and have side effects which reduce their quality of life. Schizophrenics are required to stay on antipsychotics permanently even if they are not experiencing symptoms or having a relapse. There is no proof that the medication is preventative. They are handicapped by their disease and further handicapped by their medication.

It is a proven fact the antipsychotics do not prevent psychotic relapses. There is ample evidence of patients being on antipsychotics permanently and continuing to have relapses. In fact there is a close to zero percent success rate in reducing relapses using antipsychotics. Surely a Psychiatrist who has been working in the industry for 10 years should realise that patients are not improving on medication! I acknowledge that they are medically trained and have bought into the lie but Doctors are supposed to be intelligent.

Many schizophrenics report hearing voices. I have discusses schizophrenia with many sufferers and have come to some basic conclusions. The first is that they are communicating with actual living beings. Their conversations are not hallucinations. They communicate with these beings much like they communication with humans.

Hearing voices and communication with the non-human is NOT organic disease. It is simply communication. The communications do not compromise the functioning of the brain, much like communicating with a human does not induce disease. Communications do not cause an imbalance in neurotransmitters. We have to think creatively to help schizophrenics to interact effectively or be cleared of their beings that are talking to them. Psychiatrists can help but first need to realise that they can’t treat a non-organic disease with medication.

Psychiatrists have a strong hold on society and have extreme credibility underpinning their current medication treatment of psychosis. There needs to be a large, powerful process of overthrowing their power to help protect schizophrenics because psychiatry for Schizophrenia is currently multi-million dollar fraud.

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